Website Policy

Japan Airlines Co., Ltd. (herein after “this Company”) operates the website “JAPAN AIRLINES VENTURES” (herein after “this Site”) under the following terms and policies (herein after “Terms of Use”).

1. Scope of Application of Terms of Use

The Terms of Use apply to all individuals who use this Site.

2. Compliance Rules for Use

All users of this Site are required to refrain from the following behavior.

  • ・Behavior that infringes on or violates laws of public order and morality, or behavior that may do so./li>
  • ・Behavior that leads to criminality, or behavior that may do so./li>
  • ・Behavior that violates intellectual property rights,and all other rights including copyrights of this Company and any third party./li>
  • ・Behavior that violates the privacy of another individual, and behavior that violates “JAL Group’s Basic Policies on Information Security and the Protection of Personal Information,” as described separately./li>
  • ・Behavior or speech that is of a political or religious nature, insults a specific individual, is obscene in nature, or is detrimental to this Company./li>
  • ・Behavior that uses the information offered by this Site or this Company for profit./li>
  • ・Any transmission or uploading of malicious computer software or fake files./li>
  • ・Behavior that partially or wholly impedes the use of or access to services offered by this Company on this Site by its users./li>
  • ・Behavior that slanders, defames, or somehow harms confidence in this Company or any third party./li>
  • ・Any other behavior deemed to be inappropriate for this Site by this Company./li>

JAL Group’s Basic Policies on Information Security and the Protection of Personal Information

3. Liability for Third-Party Damages

This Company assumes no responsibility for damages incurred to a third party during the use of this Site by the user. Liability and compensation for such damages shall be the responsibility of the user, and any disputes with a third party shall be settled between the user and said third party.

4. Compensation for Damages

In the case that the user violates the Terms and in doing so causes damages, this Company shall reserve the right to claim compensation for damages.

5. General Disclaimer

By accessing this Site, the user acknowledges and accepts the following terms and conditions.

  • ・This Site is maintained to the best of this Company’s ability; however, this Company does not guarantee that the information contained therein is complete or accurate.
  • ・This Company accepts no responsibility for any direct or indirect damage incurred to the user through the content of neither this Site nor the information contained therein.
  • ・This Company may, without prior notification to the user, alter, suspend, cancel or terminate all or part of this Site. In addition, this Company assumes no responsibility for any damages that may occur due to the alteration, suspension, cancellation or termination of the services of this Site.

6. Copyrights and Trademarks

Copyrights and trademarks contained within this Site are subject to the following regulations.

  • ・The copyrights and other intellectual property rights of all contents (text, pictures, images, sounds, etc.) published within this Site belong to this Company.
  • ・Users may not reuse or duplicate the content of this Site in whole or in part, whether verbatim or modified, without the prior consent of this Company, with the exception of private use or other use explicitly permitted by law.
  • ・The rights to all trademarks (logos and symbols) that appear within this Site are the exclusive property of this Company and the right holders who granted this Company permission to use. Trademarks that appear within this Site cannot be used without prior permission from this Company or its licenser (in cases where a grant of license has been given to this Company).

7. Handling of Personal Information (Security Policy)

Personal information handled within this Site is subject to the stipulations provided separately in “JAL Group’s Basic Policies on Information Security and the Protection of Personal Information”.

JAL Group’s Basic Policies on Information Security and the Protection of Personal Information

8. Links to This Site

1. Link settings

  • ・In principle, links should be set to this Site top page (
  • ・It is not acceptable to use logos, symbols, or other trademarks owned by this Company when posting a link without permission. This Company also prohibits posting links in a way that misdirects the reader as to the source of information.
  • ・This Site’s URL is subject to change, and please be informed that we may not be able to notify your company about the change.

2. We strictly prohibit links from websites to which any of the following apply.

  • ・Websites containing content that slanders or is intended to cause a loss of confidence in this Company or another company or individual
  • ・Websites that infringe or that may infringe upon the copyright, trademarks or other intellectual property rights, property, privacy, portrait rights, or other rights of this Company, another company or individual, or another organization
  • ・Commercial websites
  • ・Websites that include the link in a way that could mislead third parties as to whether the content is this Site’s content, such as by expanding our Site’s website within a frame (Please make sure to set links so that a new browser window opens and displays this Site.)
  • ・Besides the above items, websites that may engage in acts that violate laws, ordinances or regulations, or public order or morality, or websites that may impede the operation of this Company’s website services

3. Other

  • ・As a general rule, Japan Airlines Co., Ltd. holds the copyright to the content on this Site. We prohibit reusing or reposting it without permission.
  • ・This company prohibits the use of technology such as aggregation to reuse or repost information in this Site.
  • ・There is no need to contact us about posting URLs on e-mail magazines or other internet media. However, please refrain from utilizing our images or content.
  • ・This Company will not take any responsibility for reparations, claims, etc. related to links.

9. Changes to the Terms of Use

This Company reserves the right to change these Terms of Use when this Company deems necessary. For revisions, this Company will allow a reasonable amount of time, giving notice via appropriate means such as by indicating on this Site that the Term of Use will be changed, the content of the changes, and the date when the changes shall become effective. After the changes, the altered Terms of Use shall become effective as of the time when they are displayed on this Site, unless othewise stipulated by this Company.